PowerMyLearning Connect offers several reports that can offer you insight into your child's education and keep you connected to their classroom. Follow the steps below to view your child's Activity Usage report. 

Running the Activity Usage Report

1. Go to your My Children's Reports page by selecting the My Children tab and then clicking on the Reports section.  

2. In the Report Type field, select Activity Usage Report. In the Child's Name field, select which of your children you would like to view the report for and click the Run Report button. 

Activity Usage Report

Activity Usage Reports are used to monitor which activities your child has been using and how long they have been using them. Once you've run your Activity Usage Report, you can adjust the time period covered in the report. 

Once you have adjusted the time period, the report will automatically update to reflect those dates. Once the report has been generated, you will be able to see Activity Name, the activity's subject or Content Area, and the Time Usage for each activity. 

To Print your child's Activity Usage Report, click the Send to Printer button on the upper right side of the report.