PowerMyLearning Connect offers several reports that can offer you insight into your child's education and keep you connected to their classroom. Follow the steps below to view your child's Assessment Report. 

Running the Assessment Report

1. Go to your My Children's Reports page by selecting the My Children tab and then clicking on the Reports section.  

2. In the Report Type field, select Assessment Report. In the Child's Name field, select which of your children you would like to view the report for and click the Run Report button. 

Assessment Reports 

Assessment Reports offer a wide variety information about how your child has performed on various assessments included in playlists that have been assigned to them. Not only can you view each assessment in any playlist assigned to your child, but you can check Submission Status, Assigned Date, Completion Date, and the Score your child received from their teacher. 

When a specific Checkpoint is clicked, you can view the checkpoint in its entirety, as well as how your child responded. 

To Print your child's Assessment Report, click the Send to Printer button on the upper right side of the report.